2016-2017 Economics Seminars and Workshops  

Spring 2017

18th January 2017

Drilling into Bank Balance Sheets: Examining Portfolio Responses to an Oil Shock

Rhys Bidder

Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

16:30 in 2.01

25th January 2017

Endogenous Effort and the Unemployment Volatility Puzzle

Christopher Martin


16:30 in 2.01

1st February 2017

Identification and Estimation of Differentiated Products Models using Market Size and Cost Data

Susumu Imai


16:30 in 2.01

8th February 2017

Counteracting unemployment in crises: Nonlinear effects of short-time work policy

Britta Gehrke

University of Erlangen-

16:30 in 2.01

10th February 2017

Price-Setting of Firms – Evidence from Survey Data Christian Grimme

Ifo Institute

13:00 in 2.01

15th February 2017

Does tax competition make mobile firms more footloose?

Ben Ferrett


16:30 in 2.01

22nd February 2017  (CANCELLED)


Gabriel Felbermayr

CESIfo Munich

16:30 in 2.01

24th February 2017

Inventions & Spillovers: Is there Micro-Macro Correspondence across Emerging World?

Kul Luintel 


13:00 in 2.01

1st March 2017

The Effects of Moral Hazard on Wage Inequality in a Frictional Labor Market

Arpad Abraham


16:30 in 2.01

3rd March 2017

A Long-Commodity-Cycle Model of the World Economy Over a Century and a Half - making bricks with little straw

David Meenagh


13:00 in 2.01

8th March 2017

International Remittances, Rural-Urban Migration, and the Quest for Quality Education: The Case of Nepal

Roberto Leon Gonzalez


16:30 in 2.01

10th March 2017

Collusion with Private Information and Fixed Costs

Ramakanta Patra

Cardiff Metropolitan

13:00 in 2.01

15th March 2017

Macroprudential policy and bank risk

Yener Altunbas


16:30 in 2.01

17th March 2017

The Influence of Public Opinion and Elections on Environmental Fiscal Policies

Vassilis Logothetis


13:00 in 2.01

24th March 2017

Discretionary Policy in a Small Open Economy: Exchange Rate Regimes and Multiple Equilibria

Christoph Himmels


13:00 in 2.01

12th June 2017


Sudipta Sarangi

Virginia Tech

16:30 in 2.01


Autumn 2016

28th September 2016

Social Preferences over Utilities

Giovanni Ponti


16:30 in 2.01

30th September 2016

Monetarism rides again? US monetary policy in a world of Quantitative Easing

Patrick Minford


13:00 in 2.01

5th October 2016

The Impact of Paid Parental Leave on Labour Supply and Employment Outcomes

Duncan McVicar

Queen's University Belfast

16:30 in 2.01

7th October 2016

Back to the Past: Is Growth Reverting to Pre-Industrial Levels? 

Jakob Madsen


13:00 in 2.01

12th October 2016

Price dispersion in France: beyond fixed effect

Nicoletta Berardi

Banque de France

16:30 in 2.01

14th October 2016

Tractable Nonnegativity Constraints for N-Dimensional Asymmetric Power HEAVY/MEM/GARCH Models  

Yongdeng Xu


13:00 in 2.01

21st October 2016

Does it pay to work in the public sector?

Yi Wang


13:00 in 2.01

26th October 2016

The case for flexible exchange rates revisited

Robert Aliber

Chicago Booth

16:30 in 2.01

2nd November 2016

Subsidies with Export Share Requirements in China

Alejandro Riano


16:30 in 2.01

11th November 2016

A note on news about the future: the impact on DSGE models and their VAR representation

Mai Le


13:00 in 2.01

16th November 2016

Household Behaviour and Property Division upon Divorce

Sarolta Lazco


16:30 in 2.01

18th November 2016

Turnover Volatility and Stock Market Returns

Woon Wong


13:00 in 2.01

23rd November 2016

Ethnic Favoritism: An Axiom of Politics?

Giacomo De Luca


16:30 in 2.01

25th November 2016

Inflation Expectation, Inattentiveness and Uncertainty

Joshy Easaw


13:00 in 2.01

30th November 2016

Silence of the Innocents: Illegal Immigrants' Underreporting of Crime and their Victimization

Giovanni Mastrobuoni


16:30 in 2.01

2nd December 2016

A Rawlsian approach to the queueing problem

Manipushpak Mitra

Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta

13:00 in 2.01

2015-2016 Economics Seminars and Workshops        

Spring 2016

3rd February 2016

The Macroeconomic Effects of Fiscal Adjustment Plans: Disaggregating Taxes and Spending

Francesco Giavazzi


16:30 in 2.02

10th February 2016

Preferences and Exposure to Policy Shock: Evidence from a Natural Experiment

Elisa Cavatorta


16:30 in 2.02

19th February 2016

Optimal Inflation, Average Markups and Asymmetric Sticky Prices

Wojtek Paczos


13:00 in 2.01

24th February 2016

Oligopolistic Equilibrium and Financial Constraints

Carmen Bevia


16:30 in 2.02

4th March 2016

Stagnation Traps

Gianluca Benigno


13:00 in 2.01

18th March 2016

The Allocation of Talent: Finance Versus Entrepreneurship

Kirill Shakhnov


13:00 in 2.01

13th April 2016

The Rise of Meritocracy and the Inheritance of Advantages

José V. Rodríguez Mora


16:30 in 2.02

19th April 2016

The Impact of Bank Shocks on Firm-Level Outcomes and Bank Risk-Taking

Hans DegryseKU Leuven13:00 in 2.02

22nd April 2016

Sorting On-line and

Sekyu Choi


13:00 in 2.01

29th April 2016

The Characteristics of Modern Economic Growth Revisited

Stephen Broadberry


13:00 in 2.01

 4th May 2016

Markups and Demand Shocks: Using 
Microdata from Single-Product
Firms to Disentangle

Paulo Brito and Luís CostaLisbon 16:30 in 2.02

6th May 2016

Government Misallocation and the Resource Curse

Radek Stefanski

St Andrews

13:00 in 2.01

11th May 2016

The Natural Resource Curse Revisited: Theory and Evidence from India

Amrita Dhillon


16:30 in 2.02

Autumn 2015

8th September 2015

Central Bank Policy in a Monetary Union

Harald Uhlig


16:00 in 0.04

7th October 2015

Optimal Voting Rules

Alex Gershkov


16:30 in 2.02

9th October 2015

Singular Dynamics with Endogenous Markups

Huw Dixon


13:00 in 2.01

14th October 2015

Publish or Perish? Incentives and Careers in Italian Academia

Gianni De Fraja


16:30 in 2.02

23rd October 2015

Taxation under Cournot Oligopoly in a General Equilibrium Setting

David Collie


13:00 in 2.01

28th October 2015

Job Search and Unemployment Insurance Fraud

Iain Long


16:30 in 2.02

30th October 2015

Explaining Productivity Puzzles with Frictional Firm Entry: Endogenous Markups Versus Dynamic Reallocation

Anthony Savagar


13:00 in 2.01

4th November 2015

Social Democracy, the Nobel Prize in Economics, and the Market Turn

Avner Offer

Oxford (All Souls)

16:30 in 2.02

6th November 2015

The Dynamics of Disability, Work and Subjective Well-being in Australia

Melanie Jones


13:00 in 2.01

13th November 2015

Duplication of Effort and R&D Spillovers

Samuli Leppälä


13:00 in 2.01

18th November 2015

Determinants of Wage and Earnings Inequality in the United States

Ctirad Slavik


16:30 in 2.02

20th November 2015

A Comparison between the  Fuller Limited Information Maximum Likelihood and Two Stage Least Square Estimators

Dandan Wang


13:00 in 2.01

25th November 2015

The Identification of Beliefs from Asset Demand

Herakles Polemarchakis


16:30 in 2.02

27th November 2015

Testable Restrictions in Market Games

Indrajit Ray


13:00 in 2.01

4th December 2015

Endogenous Sector-biased Technical Change and Industrial Policy

Akos Valentinyi


13:00 in 2.01

11th December 2015

The Demand for Violence and the Price of Alcohol

Kent Matthews and Nicholas Page


13:00 in 2.01