Economic Section, Cardiff Business School

Job Markets Candidates 2018-2019

Chaowei Wang
Research Fields:    Shadow Banking; SMEs Financing; Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium
Job Market Paper:    SMEs Financing with a Shadow Banking System in China: A DSGE Framework
Supervisor:Professor Kent Matthews; Dr Mai Le; Dr Wojtek Paczos
Curriculum Vitae:CV

Job Markets Candidates 2017-2018

Timothy P Jackson
Research Fields:    Bank Reform
Job Market Paper:    Tradable Risk Permits
Supervisor:Professor Huw Dixon
Curriculum Vitae:CV


Luís Matos
Research Fields:    Public Economics;  Effects of tax competition on economic growth and inequality
Job Market Paper:    Fiscal Federalism and Tax Competition: a Double-Edged Sword?
Supervisor:Profesor James Foreman-Peck and Professor Akos Valentinyi
Curriculum Vitae:CV